Basic Life Skills for Success

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By Sumbye Kapena ISBN 9966-08-173-9; Pages 96: 2nd reprint 2014 Read more

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Intrapersonal skills are those, qualities that help us deal with various situations in life, making us leaders of our own self. This book discusses self motivation, problem-solving and managing stress as intrapersonal skills, that is, how these skills help us to form ourselves better..


  • The Art of Thinking
  • The Art of Total Living
  • Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Brighten Your Life
  • Towards Better Living
  • How to Deal with Stubborn Habits
  • How to Succeed
  • Windows on Life's Journey
  • Living Positively with AIDS
  • Kind and Free
  • How to Be a Wise Leader
  • How to Overcome Alcoholism
  • Basic Life Skills for Success
  • How to Succeed in your Studies and Work
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