Basic Accounting

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By Henry Kimani ISBN 9966-08-277-8; 160 Pages; Publication 2006: 2nd reprint 2011 Read more

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This book was written in response to the need identified after years of teaching accounting to non-accounting students pursuing various courses. Such have been, for example: management, church management and leadership, and social ministry. The book is divided into three parts:

1) Part I introduces the whole idea or concept of accounting.

2) Part II tries to make use of the basic concepts in meeting various needs in the organization, starting with organizing accounting records and even preparing basic financial statements.

3) Part III introduces the concept of financial management or what would be also referred to as managing financial resources.

This book is meant to facilitate proper use and recording of resources during the implementation of the pastoral cycle. It may be seen as a service activity in the whole process.

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