Art of the Total Living (The) - An Introduction to Personal and Social Ethics

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By Silvano Borruso ISBN 9966-21-609 -X; Pages 160; 3rd reprint 2008 Read more

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The Art of Total Living is intended primarily to assist parents in the moral education of their children, The book is based on an ethics teaching course which, for more than a decade has been passed on to teenagers. The first part of the book, personal Ethics, examines the human being as a unity of body and spirit; the second section looks at Social Ethics and extends the principles of personal ethics to the broader fabric of society.


  • The Art of Thinking
  • Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Brighten Your Life
  • Towards Better Living
  • How to Be a Wise Leader
  • How to Deal with Stubborn Habits
  • How to Succeed
  • Windows on Life's Journey
  • Living Positively with AIDS
  • Kind and Free
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