Art of Thinking (The) - Chats on Logic

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By Silvano Boruso ISBN 9966-21-385-6; Pages 142: 4th reprint 2011 Read more

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 School textbooks have packed the memory with streams of facts, but seldom have provided understanding. Unlike factual knowledge, understanding is the ability to see connections among facts. The Art of Thinking consists  of three parts dedicated respectively to factual knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Some, but not all the rules of logic, will appear with the aim of arousing enough interest to pursue the subject wherever and whenever one will find it convenient. An account of the demise of the teaching of Logic is beyond  the scope of this work. The aim of the author is more modest, but no less telling. S.Borruso addresses the contents of this book not only to young adults of school leaving age, but also to mature people who have never been taught what thinking is, or ought to be.

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