African Theology comes of Age

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By Laurenti Magesa(Ed) Theological Reflection for the 21st Century ISBN9966-08-549-1; Pages 176: Publication 2010 Read more

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This is the fifth volume in the Ecumenical Symposium of Eastern Africa Theologians (ESEAT) Series. Now twenty years later, we are revisiting our work and addressing the critical question: to what extent is the Church ministering effectively in African cities? The essays in this anniversary publications revisit  some of the themes dealt with in the previous volumes. They follow one basic structure: after reviewing the content of the volume in question, the author indicates the developments that have taken place concerning the theme since the volume was published: what is the situation now? Obviously , not all themes treated in the past are reflected here, nor are the themes treated exactly in the same way. However, representative issues have been considered in great depth, particularly those of current relevance to the church and society on our continent.

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