African Continent (The)

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ISBN 9966-21-441-0; Year of publication 1999; 1st reprint 2005: pages 336 By Luc Croegaert an insight into its earliest history Read more

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This study proposes to follow the discovery of Africa from the time of the Saharan migration up to the time of the great is intended for cultural readers, lovers of history who wish to fill in gaps of a fragmentary information. "A thoroughly researched, well organised and eminently readable introduction to African societies and history. I am impressed by the extraordinarily rich bibliographical references, many of which are seldom mentioned in works of historical scholarship and by the author's ability to turn a critical eye to his sources." (Rene` Lemarchand, Professor, University of Florida, USA)

"I am frequently asked to teach an introductory African history course in which students enroll who often have no previous knowledge of Africa. To Date I have found no satisfactory text for the Introductory African History course and I am always forced to make up my own text with photocopies. Luc Croegaert's book covers most of the topics I normally cover in my course, has quite a good bibliography, and has handsome photographs as well." (Kathryn L. Green, Assistant Professor, University of Florida, USA)

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