Africa is not a Dark Continent

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By Fritz Stenger, M.Afr. (ED.) ISBN 9966-08-036-8; Year of Publication 2005; 152 Pages Read more

In 1984, Fr Francesco Pierli founded the Institute of Social Ministry (ISM) at Tangaza College, Nairobi. It was a direct outcome of the African Synod. An Institute was needed to prepare men and women who - motivated by the social teaching of the Church - were able to contribute to the reconstruction of Africa. A new name for these agents of transformation was created: Social Ministers.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary of involvement in the social transformation of Africa, the Institute of Social Ministry organized from 23-27 February 2004 a Congress under the theme: "Contemporary Issues on Integral Sustainable Development - Experiences, Trends and Challenges."

This book contains the proceedings of the Congress and can serve as a valuable tool towards a sustainable development and social transformation of Africa.

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