Africa is not Destined to Die

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By John Bwangatto (Ed) signs of Hope and Renewal ISBN 9966-08-632-3; Pages 280: Publication 2012 Read more

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"AFRICA IS NOT DESTINED TO DIE"  was the name of the Conference held at St Mary's National Major Seminary, Ggaba, Uganda, IN 2011. The thrust of the Conference was to affirm Africa's identity and explore her inner energies as a source of her own liberation. The presenters also sought to establish the signs of hope and renewal in the different sectors on the African Continent. This book presents some of the papers delivered at the Conference. The various authors offered thoughts from the philosophical and anthropological aspects, the socio-economic aspects, as well as theological reflections to promote a systematic regeneration of African authenticity, pride and hope for a better future. It is the hope of the presenters that these papers will act as a starting point for more critical reflections on the positive future of Africa.

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