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By Daniel Nyaga ISBN 9966-21-362-7; Publication 2001; Pages 40 :Reprint 2021 Read more

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Keep Your Dignity, Young Person, is a well-thought-out piece of writing regarding teenage sexuality. It is especially useful to young people both in and out of school who value themselves as 'men' and 'women' of worth. Youth counsellors, as well as parents, will also find this handbook a useful tool in the execution of their God-given responsibility of imparting moral principles to the Youths.  To those who have never had an opportunity to read the entire Bible, Fr Nyaga has done a stirring job in putting together material that would appeal to them. He has extracted that which is relevant and applicable to real life solutions- often taken for granted- issues of love, courtship, marriage and sound living, in a fast changing social environment, where it is often too easy to forget about God and the teaching of Jesus Christ.

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