About Why We Honour Mary

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By Peter Schineller S.J. ISBN 9966-08-468-1 Pages 24: Publication 2009 Read more

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Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb (Lk 1:42). Catholics throughout the ages have treasured, respected, and tried to keep alive the truth of these words of Elizabeth to Mary found at the beginning of the Gospel of Luke. At the center of Catholic faith and piety is Jesus Christ, who is the blessed fruit of the womb of Mary. Close to Jesus, and inseparable from him, is Mary, his Mother. Throughout the world many churches are dedicated to the name of Mary. Holy shrines and places of pilgrimage such as Our Lady of Lourdes in France and Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico are centres of prayer. Feast days are celebrated annually, such as the Annunciation on March 25 and the Assumption on August 15. The answer to this question is the main purpose of this pamphlet. But to fill out the picture we will also show how we honour Mary, and answer some of the questions people ask about Mary. Then we will emphasise in our conclusion that devotion to Mary is not an aberration, but a special characteristic of the Catholic way of being Christian.

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