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ISBN 9966-21-214-0; Year of Publication 1990: Revised Edition 2007: Pages 24 Read more

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God has endowed us young people with the will to say 'NO' to all that is degrading so that we live as true temple of the Holy Spirit. Our bodies are a precious gift of God. God is faithful and loving and is willing to give strength to those who desire the virtue of chastity. Let us bear in mind that contraceptives can never be a substitute for self-control. Self discipline will help young people to control their sexual and other drives. In this it will become possible for us to attain the freedom to do, think and act for ourselves. God our creator has promised his help in this direction. As we read in the Bible: "it is God, for his own loving purpose, who puts both the will and the action into you" (Phil 2:13)

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