About How to Read The Bible

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By George Ossom-Batsa ISBN 9966-21-841-6; Pages 32; Publication 2002: 4th Reprint 2011 Read more

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This little booklet is the fruit of a series of conferences l gave to a group of catechists at Tivoli in 1997. Their desire to deepen their knowledge in the scriptures, and their search for basic tools to guide them prompted me to revise some of the notes and make them available for a wider audience. In revising the notes, l have primarily in mind the lay believers who want to get some insights into the scriptures. However, the outstation catechist may also find them useful. Other short essays in booklet form like the present one are planed for the future. The next volume will deal with the "Literary Genres," that is, the various types of writings in the Bible and how knowledge of this is important for an informed reading and studying the Bible. If the reader at the end of his/her reading of this booklet is attracted to read the Bible, then we shall have accomplished our aim.

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