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By Agava Litsalia Stanislaus ISBN 9966-08-482-7; Pages 39; Publication 2009: Reprint 2021 Read more

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The author gives us an insight through her experience, that men and women ought to conform to certain rules and regulations for them to live harmoniously and be considered as gentle. By reading this original work you will notice that we do not need to go to Mars, the moon or space for us to become gentle. Instead we are expected to  conform to very small and simple human acts to assume this title. This must start with self-respect and dignity. The fact is, good rapport with oneself via introspection enhances good rapport with others. Some of the small practices recommended in this book might be hard to fulfil. But you have no choice as an individual but to bite the bullet and face them. You would like to have good health and a well-structured body figure which calls you to exercise more and regulate your eating habits and life-style in general. This is not an easy thing. So it is in wanting to be termed as a gentle person. As the saying goes, there is no shortcut in achieving that great title.
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