About Children and the Media

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By Benedict XVI, T.Makau and M.Tassielli ISBN 9966-08-236-0; Pages 32: Publication 2007 Read more

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Media, as used here, refers to the vehicles of mass communication such as TV, Radio, Cinema, newspapers, web casting and others. In today's world, the mass media play a leading role in informing, educating, and entertaining the masses. Those who are invovled in the media do this to earn a living, and in the process most of them do not consider the formation of the individual as important as their economic priority. Concern about the nature of infomation and education that the media transmits to the children is the essence of the Pope's letter to mark this day. This concern is quite real because of the explosion of information in the mass media and the damage that some of this information is capable of causing to the minds of the young people.

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