AIDS, Ancestors and Salvation

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Now will l praise those godly men and women,

our ancestors, each in their own time.

These were godly men and women

Whose virtues have not been forgotten;

Their wealth remains in their families, 

Their heritage with their descendants;

Through God's covenant with them

Their family endures, Their prosperity, for their sake.

And for all time their progeny will endure,

Their glory will never be blotted out; Their bodies are peacefuly laid away,

But their name lives on and on

At gatherings their wisdom is retold,

And the assembly proclaims their praise.

                                                       Adapted from Sirach 44.

This comprehensive analysis and response takes seriously the worldwide of both the inflicted and afflicted in search for a multi-faceted response to the scourge of AIDS. (-Buti Tihagale, Archbishop of Johannesburg).

Borrowing from some of the great ethical voices in Catholic Africa, Knox astutely conveys how deeply felt is the need of Africa Catholism to be true to Rome and also to Africa. (James, F. Keena, SJ, Professor of Theological Ethics, Boston College.

For Knox this kairos is a moment not simply of testing but also of opportunity, calling for a more prophetic Christian approach to salvation in a time of AIDS. (Matsepane Morare, SJ, St Mary's Nyaga, cape Town).

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