A Reader in Early Patristic writings

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ISBN 9966-08-808-3; Year of publication 2014: Pages 160 Edited by Luigi Antonio Clerici Read more

A selection of Early Christian Orders, Instructions and Descriptions of Liturgical and Sacramental Life

This collection of text is an attempt at providing African students with direct access to elementary patristic sources for use in courses such as early Church History, Patristics, Liturgics, and Sacrament ology. In the selection of these readings, preference has been given to early text that may be regarded as models of the successful integration into the Christian heritage of pre-Christian Jewish and Gentile ritual and custom, as well as ethical and ascetical formation. As this collection amply shows, the early churches were boldly assimilating valuable pre-Christian traditions. But with an almost instinctive discernment they also knew, prophetically and counter culturally, to reject what seemed to be incompatible with the austere demands of Jesus' liberating Gospel, and with his radical call to discipleship.

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