Seeking Common Grounds

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ISBN 9966-08-771-0; Year of publication 2013: page 222 John Cardinal O. Onaiyekan Inter-Religious Dialogue in Africa The collected writtings-vol.1 Read more

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In this collection of essays Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan makes a strong case for religious as an essential component of human life and an indispensable partner in the search for prosperity and peace. A key concern of Cardinal Onaiyekan is the peace-keeping ability and peace-building potential of religion in Africa and elsewhere. This book is a collection of essays which he has written over the years. The materials contained herein are occasional writings addressed to various audiences around the world about the nature of religion and about the role of religion in the modern world especially (but not only) in Africa.  These texts are from a public intellectual and a pastor who has consistently  tried to make a case to his various audiences about the true nature of religion and its relevance in society.  What comes across in these pages is the voice of a pastor in relentless pursuit of peace for his people and his continent, one who believes that in order to achieve peace on the continent we must have all the religious talking to each other and living up to their founding principles.

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