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Homilies to Seminarians


By Guido Oliana, mccj



ISBN 9966-60-148-3, YEAR OF PUBLICATION 2020




By Jeremy Leariwala

Gabra (The)


Camel Nomads of Northern Kenya by Paul Tablino

Boy Who Hated School (The)


ISBN 9966-21-210-8 year of Publication 1995 4th reprint 2012

Juliana and the Hyena


By Jeremy Leariwala ISBN 9966-60-047-9 Year of Publication 2017

Misale ya Kila Siku


Misale ya Kila Siku (Daily Missal) ya Waumini

Speak to Me 2 - Lent


A Guide to Doing Mental Prayer Using the Daily Gospel Texts of the Holy Mass by K. de Souza

New Directory for Catechesis


Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation

Learning is fun, Activity book 1


ISBN 9966-21-262-0; 24-30 Pages; Year of publication 1996: 5th reprint 2008

Towards a Pastoral Approach to Culture


By the Pontifical Council for Culture ISBN 9966-21-459-3; Pages 52: 1st reprint 2005

Vocation of the Business Leader


A reflection Pontifical Counil for Justice and Peace ISBN 9966-08-911-x; Pages 56: Publication 201



A letter to Consecrated Men and Women ISBN 9966-08-884-9; 40 Pages: Publication 2014

World Hunger


By the Pontifical Council "COR UNUM" A Challenge for All: Development in Solidarity ISBN 9966-21-2