Understanding Myself

Self -Acceptance

Self-acceptance on the Physical Level; Many physical changes take place at puberty and during adolescence at different rates in different people. Boys may tend to feel shy and awkward at the various stages of their development. Some boys may develop thicker beards, others very scanty ones and some may develop none at all, at least for some time. Some may have deeper voices, others higher voices like girls (often a rich source of embarrassment or uneasiness for many)

Girls too undergo their own changes; some will have problems with their menstrual periods; others will grow too fat too soon; some will develop large busts while those of others remain small etc. Failure to accept ourselves may only lead us to frustration in the attempt to change ourselves. For example, consider the case of Joyce, a girl of 16 who had developed very big breasts, something that she hated with a passion. She could not stand what she thought was a very ugly bust. She tried to “slim” her breasts by wearing bras that were too tight and even went to the extent of always sleeping on her tummy.

As you may have already guessed, this had no effect whatsoever on her breasts. If anything, according to this poor girl, they seem to grow even bigger! With time she sank into depression. Finally, and fortunately Joyce mastered her courage and presented her case to a counsellor who gently led her to understand that her breasts were part of her unique self. This made the now more than happy Joyce appreciate and accept her bust. It was as if a heavy load had been lifted off her shoulder.

There is a Gikuyu proverb which says:The trees in one forest cannot all be the same and you don’t build your house like your neighbour’s.”  Adolescents therefore, should not compare their growth with that of their friends’ or get anxious when they discover great differences between themselves and their friends. Each individual develops in their own, unique way and need to accept themselves as such.

Where there is a will, there is a way, “the saying goes and hence if we have the will, we will definitely find the way to goodness which leads to eternal destiny and to discovering the beauty of being created in God’s likeness and image through;

·      Self-acceptance on the Emotional Level

·      Self-acceptance on the Social Level

·      Self-acceptance on the Spiritual level

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