Teenagers Love and Sex

Traditionally parents, grandparents, mature members of the family were the ones who would instruct young people about the development of their bodies and their feelings and how new life comes into being. Today, unfortunately because of shyness on the part of children and embarrassment or even lack of knowledge on the part of parents, this knowledge is rarely passed on to young people within the family. The schools may give some basic knowledge in biology lessons, but for the most part adolescents have to find out what they can from their own peer groups and occasional articles in newspapers, magazines and the internet. This makes the young people remain uninformed or worse still, misinformed.

Sexuality; A few words now about the meaning of the word sex, it refers to gender. The sex or gender of an individual is the state of being male or female, or put another way, it is either of the groups (male and female) into which living things are placed according to their functions in the process of reproduction. Up until the age of puberty, which usually starts around eleven or twelve in girls and around twelve or thirteen in boys, the main physical differences between boys and girls are in the reproductive organs.

Attraction to the Opposite Sex; The word ‘love’ must be one of the most misused words in the English language. The different meanings of the word today include, attraction, liking, sex, pleasure, giving one-self, getting for oneself and so on. Apart from the bodily changes that occur at puberty the other most obvious change is the growing feeling towards the other sex.  Despite outward appearance the first individual meeting between a boy and a girl is often filled with a lot of anxiety, embarrassment and mixed feelings as each tries to impress the other. The ancient Greeks used to look on romantic love as a form of madness sent by the gods. The feelings associated with this kind of love are both sweet and bitter, particularly when it occurs for the first time and in the teenage years. Despite these beautiful lines, and it might sound cruel to say so, romantic love is deeply disturbing for young people. It distracts them completely from their studies, leads to violent mood changes and can be misunderstood by parents who have perhaps forgotten that they might have had similar experiences when they were young.

Sexual Act; Sexuality, by which man and woman give themselves to one another and which reaches its fulfilment in intercourse is not something simply biological, but concerns the inner self of the human person. It is therefore important that in adolescence and young adulthood a person finds out increasingly who he is, which is one of the great tasks of adolescence. The sexual act or intercourse is not therefore to be used to find out who one is, but it should be the other way round, that it is a means of expressing to another who one is and who the other person is. It is therefore important that intercourse between two mature people should be an act of love by which a man and a woman commit themselves to one another.




Through all this we are able to learn more on;

·      Changes that occur in boys and girls during puberty and Adolescence

·      Do you really intend to keep yourself from being involved sexually before marriage?

·      What is love anyway?

·      Sex and personal relationships

·      Pregnancy and conception

·      Sexual violence and Sexual Harassment, when to say ‘No’

·      Homosexuality/lesbianism

·      Sexually transmitted diseases

·      When a couple doesn’t want a baby

·      Abortion

·      Marriage

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