Becoming a Woman

The transition from childhood to adulthood is an exciting period, full of promise and hope, but also full of emotional ups and downs as you, a developing young woman, try to find a new balance in life. Scornful now of “Childish” things, you are-although you might want to challenge this-still “not ready” for the world of adulthood, with its privileges and responsibilities. Both physically and emotionally, you are undergoing major changes and this process of development could have some surprising effects on you. Perhaps you sometimes feel confused and unhappy. You certainly do not want to hear your parents call you a child because you feel that you have left childhood behind.

As a young woman moving towards maturity, you are probably fascinated by the marvel of human development which you see taking place right under your eyes, in your own body. But besides your physical development perhaps you are also noticing changes in yourself on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. You are discovering that you are a unique person, with your own thoughts, feelings and reactions to life, family, social and human situations.

Thursday, January 14th

Dear Diary, Phyllis my best friend was moody today; extremely touchy I tell you. She did not smile to me once and kept her head on her desk all through prep. But if I remember well, yesterday she was quite cheerful. Sometimes I feel that way too: now happy, now gloomy! Phyllis is really shy. She hardly talks to anybody, apart from me. But she’s very pretty. The boys say that she is fly and you know, dear diary, I’ve noticed in the last year or so boys have started to pay rather close attention to her. I hope that I’m going to be pretty. Mum keeps saying I am pretty in my own way and that I should not keep comparing myself to Phyllis. Then she always adds that it’s more important to be beautiful on the inside, she means to have a beautiful character than to be physically pretty, but have a selfish or mean character. Just like a mother! I know she’s right, but at 15, I can tell you that most girls wouldn’t mind a gloss finish on the outside in addition to the inner beauty! And now dear diary, don’t say that I am envious, but I can’t help comparing Phyllis’ small, dainty figure, with its developing curves, to my tall thin, almost deprived figure, which right now seems more of angles than curve!

Let us just say that, growing up is a struggle. It has its fair share of painful moments. It is indeed a challenge. Shall we also add that it is puzzling? It brings with it an appreciable amount of confusion and doubt. For many it is also a time of rebellion. In spite of all this it is also a beautiful, exciting, unforgettable time of life- one in which you both suffer and rejoice as you try to establish a new relationship with your parents on an adult-to-adult basis and no longer that of child to adult. It is an exciting period because as you grow up you are forming new and deeper relationships with special friends of both sexes. You are hopefully coming to a sensitive awareness of both yourself and others, and this sensitivity and thoughtfulness will help to prepare you to assume with courage and dedication, your future place in adult society.

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