About Drinking

Different people drink for different reasons; for reasons of diet, during a social function like a party, out of curiosity, frustration, social necessity, because they are in a ‘drinking’ environment and everyone else is doing it, or because they are addicted and cannot do without alcohol.

Anne, a Secondary School student said, “I was curious to discover what people found interesting or nice in anything like beer and the taste of various types of hard drinks. By the time I had satisfied my curiosity, I was hooked!”


Njuguna, a second year Bachelor of Commerce student at a National University said, “All my buddies ‘slosh’ (drink). When I go out with the ‘quorum’ (group of friends), say to a party of a ‘hang’ (Disco), I really feel out of place if I am the only one who remains dry (sober). So I started ‘juicing (drinking) and ‘puffing’ (smoking) as well. At first it was ‘cos’ (because) I wanted to be in solidarity with the ‘quorum’ but now I can’t stop.”


James or simply ‘Jim’ to his friends started drinking tentatively while still in school. By the time he was completing his high school he ha made two discoveries: he could drink any amount of alcohol and it took him a long time to show any sign of drunkenness. Jim’s life took an unfortunate twist when he was taken ill soon after college. He was diagnosed as having Kidney trouble and a host of other problems. The doctors strongly advised him to lay off alcohol. After two months of keeping abstinence, Jim came to the disquieting conclusion that he could not possibly ‘lay off’ alcohol any longer. At first he blamed his friends, then the brands of drinks and the bars. He even blamed the waiters, the weather, the time of the month, but eventually, after a year of drinking, Jim discovered the alarming truth: he had absolutely lost all control over alcohol. He was an addict.


Ever heard similar reasons for drinking? Have you ever given one of these reasons to justify your drinking? Are you able to detect and help an addict realise that they need help? How can we help those who are addicted to drinking? More reasons, true stories, and solutions to alcoholism can be found in this book About Drinking


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