About Daily Etiquette

Locke and his colleagues try to justify the intrinsic existence of law in the human person and for this, we know what is good and evil, right and wrong, from our natural status. This stand leaves many questions unanswered, one of them being, why are some men and women behaving beastly while others are saintly in their style of living?


Shower; How clean are you? How many times do you shower in a day? Many times heavy activity triggers profuse sweating, leaving your body sticky and possibly smelly. This calls for a shower in the morning, and in the evening before going to bed. It leaves your body fresh and light as the skin pores are allowed to breathe.


Dressing; Perfumes are good for they help you remain fresh throughout the day. But they need to be regulated. Some people are allergic to strong smells, so before you wear any cologne bear in mind the kind of persons you are going to meet in the course of the day.


Public Transport Facilities; If you have ever used the widely known matatu (minibus) then you might have a preview of how some of its conductors can be unruly. But the fact is, not all of them are, so be polite when talking to them. Be mindful of those sitting next to you. In case you are reading a newspaper don’t open it so wide so that you interfere with the space of your neighbour. When you intend to have a bite of something while travelling, don’t annoy your colleague. Chew your food gently and ensure you don’t spill the food particles on him or her.


Places of Worship; Develop a habit of being at such a place early enough. It is annoying when you come in when the preaching is going on. It is even worse when you are in high heeled shoes that leave a sharp sound after every step. You are distracting the silence of those who are listening attentively.


How do you make your bed? How often do you air it? How do you deal with impromptu visitors? Apart from using a napkin during meals for wiping the mouth, can it also be used for the nose, face or forehead? Would you respond to a handshake of someone who just finished poking their nose with a finger of that hand which they are offering? All these questions are nicely responded to in this book About Daily Etiquette.

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