About a Happy and Stable Marriage

Many people think that there is no training necessary for marriage. But how mistaken they are! I had always assumed that once a man married, he automatically took all the decisions. Men, I had been told, made all the rules, and their wives just had to follow them… or else… Men had full rights to beat their wives to ensure their obedience. I was warned never to listen to my wife’s arguments for women were notoriously brainless.

‘A woman’s place is in the kitchen with the children. There, she can vent her anger by throwing pots and pans all over and making enough noise to let all the neighbours know that she is annoyed and believes that her husband does not care enough for her and the children.’

‘The husband had to provide all the money for the needs of the family and ask no questions about how that money was spent.’

‘If a woman got sick she should never tell her husband about it for fear he might think her unable to run the home; he might then start looking for a healthier companion.’


“If anyone, of a woman’s relatives ever got into trouble the wife should never tell her husband about it; he might think it ran in the family.’


Have you ever heard any other sayings about how husbands and wives should relate? Do you think it necessary to have marriage training today? Would this help in the reduction of divorce cases today? Would you like to know how? Grab a copy of About For a Happy and Stable Marriage

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