Thecla A life spent for the Gospel

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ISBN 9966-7176-145-3; Duration 55 mins; Production; Generalate House, Daughters of St Paul, Rome; Direction G. Rolando A Rolfilm Production ln colour Read more

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This film depicts the personality of St Thecla, a woman who, with a universal heart and mind, opened new ways of evangelizing through the mass media. In her first encounter with a prophet of our times, Fr James Alberione, Thecla grasps wisely the charismatic significance of spreading the Gospel's message through the modern means of social communication. With the courage of faith, she sends young women to every part of the globe so that the word of God. The Scenes reconstructed with historical accuracy and dramatic images make the film a serious and enjoyable documentary. It allows one to grasp the human, apostolic and spiritual dimension of the protagonist.

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