Spiritual Companionship - A Short Practical Guide

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by Jean-Michel Laurent, M. Afr. Read more

ISBN 9966-60-227-5; 118 pages; publication 2021

The aim of this book is to provide some indications on practical aspects of spiritual companionship that books seldom cover, for example the parameters of confidentiality. Its main purpose is to help formators, whether men or women, who are training priests and religious, especially those who have had little preparation for the task entrusted to them. They are based on personal experience of spiritual direction done in various settings (individually directed retreats, accompanying candidates in major seminaries and formation houses). 

Apart from studying and reading books and articles, sharing experiences between spiritual directors on techniques and methods in spiritual direction has also been valuable. This book offers one point of view, one way of proceeding, that certainly has shortcomings but will allow readers to make a comparison with their own practice, take what they see fit, and leave the rest.

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