Return-Sacrament of Reconciliation

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ISBN 9966-21-330-9: Duration 60 min Poduced by Paulines Audiovisual Directed by Richard Thomsett Read more

The Return is the story of Michael, a university student together with his friend Henry. They completed the first two years successfully. Michael returns home for vacation and is welcomed joyfully by his family. After returning to school Michael becomes involved with some friends, and he changes. Pubs, night clubs and gambling halls become familiar places. To keep up with this style of life, Michael sells the land that for generation belonged to the family. Having gone through is money, Michael finds himself alone, with no friends, and without courage to return home. One day he meets Henry who introduces him to a priest. From this moment on, Michael life begins to turn around. The story ends with a great feast in honor of Michael, he who was lost and now is found.

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