Choice-Sacrament of Holy Orders (The)

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ISBN 9966-08-463-0 A fictional film on the life of a priest. (82 min) A documentary on the ritual of the Sacrament. (15 min) Read more

Fr. Paul, a young assistant parish priest, is attacked one night. Though wounded, he is undeterred in his commitment to serve the poor and work for justice. He continues to preach and denounce injustice with courage while serving people from all walks of life with kindness and humility. His unwavering dedication to his ministry is met with a range of challenges and even opposition. will he be able to handle them and not risk his vocation? The ultimate test comes when his bishop decides to transfer him due to the pressure of a letter of denouncement. Father Paul is tempted to give up everything. What will his choice be? An inspiring story of the joys and struggles of priesthood, a life that is best lived in profound faith.

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