Unfolding the Dream and other Stories


“Dearest family members, I know some of you simply know me as Kay’s Dean and might be wondering why I am here. Well, I so happen to be Khama’s uncle as well. Now I would like to explain something today. When Khama received some nasty photos of Kay while they were still dating, he came to consult me on what he should do. I managed to calm him down because he was ready to go and beat up George. Instead, I encouraged him that we should first find out who the actual mastermind was. We eventually found that out when Esther began making advances on Khama, and George spilled the beans of Esther having convinced him that Kay also had a crush on him, but later discovered that it was not true, he felt like a fool. He therefore did not mind revealing the details because he had already moved on with another girl,” explained the Dean. Eventually we tried to see how we could help Kay pick up since she was so broken-hearted. We thought of giving her some time to recover and also thought of how we could help her improve her grades. Khama and I had also spoken with Kay’s family who gave their consent. So everyone around Kay, who wished to see her back to her jolly self, worked together to help her come out of depression and then revive her dreams and hardworking spirit. And here we are, celebrating her success which is ours as well. Kay we are all so proud of you that you have managed to pick yourself up and have made us proud. Congratulations to you, and we wish you the very best in your future. May we all give her a round of applause!” he finished his speech. Kay looked at Khama who had been smiling at her the entire time. She looked at him, not knowing what to do. He moved closer and hugged her. She hugged him back. Kay will you have me back as your boyfriend? If yes, then as your fiancé? And if yes, then as your husband?’ “Khama, I am overwhelmed right now! For the past year I have been thinking I lost everything. I dreamt of being your girlfriend again but I saw no chance. At times I used to dream of our wedding day but all that welcomed me were tears upon rising from my sleep. All my dreams were shattered, I had lost you Khama, are you serious about what you are asking me right now?”

         “Kay, do you trust me?” asked Khama. Kay nodded in acceptance. “Do you think that I can play with your feelings?” he continued. Kay shook her head to indicate a “no”, she was so emotional and unable to talk. She looked at Khama and her eyes became teary. Khama raised his hand wiped a tear off one of her eyes. He hugged her assuringly and whispered to her, “I am sorry for all that you have gone through this past year. I wish things could have turned out different. But what you should know is that, I never stopped loving you, not for a minute. So let us start all over again but aiming at building up a home and a family together. Let us rebuild what we had. So what is your response?”  Kay pulled back and looked intently at Khama, she managed to wipe some tears away from her cheeks. And in response she said, “Let us make a promise to each other yea? No matter what happens, we will never let such a thing or something similar pull as apart. Let us rebuild each day, and talk things through before making hasty decisions.” Khama nodded in agreement and said, “I promise you Kay, that I will definitely do that. So is it a yes?” Kay grinned, hit him on the hand gently and said, “Yes, Khama, to all the three proposals. Now let us go and announce our big news to our families.” Thank you Kay for accepting me back into your life.” Kay smiled and said, “Thank you too Khama for asking again. If you delayed for just a minute, I would have been the one to propose.” They both laughed and hurried towards their families to break the big news.


. For any relationship to grow and prosper, there must always be trust and communication.

. Patience pays and with time we get to understand things better.

. We are all prone to being depressed. How we pick up ourselves from that matters a lot.

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