The Woman who met Jesus

Once upon a time, there lived a very rich woman. She had all she wanted. She had two children and many servants. Her house was very big. All kinds of fruits and crops grew in her farm. One day, the woman met Jesus. She was very delighted to see him. She had wanted to see him from the first time she heard of him. They talked for a long time and then she said, “Will you come and visit me one day? We must have more time to talk.” “Ok. I will come in the afternoon.” “All right.” She was very happy that Jesus would come and visit her. She went home and told her children and servants, who were very thrilled at the good news.

“Quickly. White wash the walls, clear the compound and slaughter the bull we have been fattening,” she told the servants. All other work was discontinued in order to prepare for the coming Jesus. That week, the servants were very busy. The compound was decorated in all kinds of ways; hanging lanterns, coloured paper, balloons etc. Food drinks in plenty were bought and prepared. The passers-by were wondering whether there was a wedding ceremony in preparation. The woman and her household were waiting eagerly for the coming Friday.

She kept wondering why Jesus had accepted to visit her. Finally, the day came. She woke up very early, had a last look at the compound to see that everything was ready and waited patiently for Jesus. Nothing out of the ordinary happened before noon, but the atmosphere of great expectation and joy lasted throughout the day. Around three o’clock, a poor old man came to ask for a glass of water. He had many wounds in his legs. He was dressed in rags, which where very dirty. He looked very weak, as if he had been without food for many days.


“Go away!” the woman told him. “Don’t enter my house with those filthy rags. You will spoil the floor. I am expecting Jesus and I don’t want anyone or anything to disturb what I have prepared for him.” She banged the door which almost hit the beggar. The man went away sad and disappointed. She waited patiently, but to her surprise, Jesus never came. “Maybe he forgot the date. He might come tomorrow,” she thought. The food wasn’t touched by anyone, even after three days. Finally, she gave up waiting for Jesus. She was extremely disappointed. Besides, throughout the days of expectation, she had not opened her shops. The workers had not gone to the farm to do their duties, as they were also waiting for the visitor. The rich woman was very upset and disappointed. A week later, she met Jesus again. Sad as she was, she asked him: “Why didn’t you come as you promised?” “I came,” he answered. When did you come?” she asked. “At around three o’clock, I came to ask for a glass of water, but you sent me away. I come to people in different forms. I came to you as a beggar and you did not recognize me.

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