How to be a Successful Father

This book is about the family today with an emphasis on fatherhood. It is beneficial to both husbands and wives, as fathers and mothers. It recognizes that marriage is a ministry and vocation whose author is God. In the shadows of a successful father, there is a successful mother who lights the way for him to find his way to success.


The story of Moses and Anastasia

Moses and Anastasia believed that children are a blessing and gift from God. They were known by the parishioners for their generous support for the church. They were always ready to assist whenever the parish priest required support.


God had blessed them with three children. All were baptised at the parish church. The birth of each child brought joy to the family despite the challenges that come with each pregnancy. The conception of the fourth born child however, created the greatest challenge to the couple in their 12 years of marriage. It was strange to both of them as it was about “extra ordinary love.” Moses worked at one of the leading commercial banks while Anastasia worked as an IT specialist at an NGO. Due to her condition, she had been asked by her doctor to rest at home for a while.


Every morning, Moses left for work. While at work, he had the habit of calling his wife just to check on her and occasionally, Anastasia too would contact him. While at home, Anastasia always developed a very strong emotional urge to see her husband. She could pace from one corner of the house to the next hoping that her husband would arrive. But a check at the clock would always reveal that the time was: “9:15am,” other days, “10.30am.” “A whole day to go before he comes back?” she would wonder.


One day, she was overwhelmed by the feeling of love. When Moses drove out of the compound, Anastasia decided to go the “unexpected.” One hour after his departure, she took a bus and followed him to his workplace. As Moses was settling down to start his day, he was called by the sentry that he had a visitor. “A visitor?” he wondered as he went to see.


“Hello dear! How are you? What brings you here today at such a time?” He asked with a surprised face. “Just to be with you.” She responded with a smile. Moses was not offended by her action; he said that it was ok. However, he drove her back home. On the way, they had a hearty conversation as if nothing strange had happened. That evening, Moses and Anastasia had a talk on this episode. She explained herself and agreed not to repeat.


The next day, the same thing happened and Moses took it positively. This continued until the baby was born. They nicknamed her “Darleen” a corruption of the word “darling”. The name has stuck with her till today.

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